The Chronicles of Osiris

Chapter I

In the great days of Atlantis - which were before the coming of the great flood, which was the final punishment meted out to those evil ones - all men and women lived at peace with one another. The continent was divided into three sections, partly on account of its geographical nature, and partly because of the decree of Ptah. It was after the destruction of that evil continent called Sarkon (Lemuria) that my Father Ptah did collect together all those divine sparks who were to escape the destruction which finally swept Sarkon away. They were taken to Atlantis, which was at that time ripe to receive the evolving life of the world called Earth. This I have already told you in The Book Of Truth which has already been given to you, my children.

The Dhuman men and women lived and mixed with the sons and daughters of Yevah; and they were as teachers to their less evolved brothers of Earth.

All was according to the word of my Father Ptah which had been given unto him by the blessed Cosmos. My Father chose from amongst the ray-children twenty-four son-daughters who were to help him in his plans for the evolving divine sparks. Temples were built, and places of worship were inaugurated having as their visible sign the disc of the living Sun of whom the Lord is Horus-Atanu, he acting as the mediator between the men of Earth and the Father-Mother-Sun God. These temples were built of a white shining stone which was common in Atlantis and which was very durable.

They were always to consist of the outer court of the priests and teachers and the three subterranean chambers which were the same in character as those built at a later date in Khemu, and referred to in The Book of Truth. Twenty-four of these temples were built, one chief Cathedral of Initiation in the Sacred Heights, and the remainder in the tablelands and lowlands. Over each temple was placed one of the twenty-four Initiates or ray-children, whom I have already mentioned as being chosen by my Father Ptah for the execution of his will.

I would hear give a short explanation as to the actual relative positions held by my Father's teachers whom he had chosen, and I would define exactly the position held by my Father Ptah El Daoud and his actual manifestation to the people. The time that I now speak of, my beloved children, is that great and glorious period before the times of bitter hate and tribulation which came later, and that because these men had brought it upon themselves.

For a moment I will take you to the Continent of Sarkon. This evil place had been entirely destroyed according to the word of the Cosmos manifested through the medium of El Daoud and his twin and spouse eternal who is El Daou, the same whom I have called Evam in my Book of Truth. The actual disintegration of that great continent was over a period of many thousands of years of Earth's time, and was accomplished as the outcome of a series of volcanic disturbances which gradually undermined the substrata comprising the foundations of that continent. The disaster was brought about on account of the Satanakuic domination exercised by Eranus and his followers. Black magic was rife and the chances of those who still remained steadfast to the cause of divine evolution were almost hopeless. The final great upheaval was caused by an immense crater or fissure about three miles in circumference being rent in the centre of the continent.

From this fissure suffocating gases were poured into the atmosphere and, being of a heavy nature, these gases hung low over the continent, spreading out in all directions, so that before the submersion actually took place the entire life of the continent was obliterated, only those who were to be collected in Atlantis being saved and ordered during previous periods to proceed into that continent.

Having described to you briefly the destruction of Sarkon, I shall proceed with the state of evolution in Atlantis. My children, during the last years of life in Sarkon, my Father had been preparing the Continent of Atlantis to receive the life of the world, for he had been plainly told by the Cosmos that Sarkon must be obliterated.

His first care was the organisation of the crown of Atlantis. This was the Cathedral which was built at his commands in the Sacred Heights. I shall here give a brief description of it as follows. It was situated in the heart of the high mountains beyond the tablelands and was inaccessible to those who knew not the power of levitation. It was surrounded by seven great peaks, which represented the seven pillars of the universe, and in the centre thereof nestled this Great House of Initiation, the only visible sign being the head and front paws of a gigantic Sphinx which guarded the eastern entrance. Between the paws of this Sphinx was an immense iron door, through which, when opened, force could be directed downward upon the tablelands where the uninitiated population was ordered to gather for worship ever so often during the year. The main structure, which was above ground and situated in the basin formed by the seven peaks, was connected with the Sphinx by a tunnel which was about one hundred yards in length and semicircular in section. The structure itself was all built of a white stone found in Atlantis and used because of its absolute durability and resistance to the action of the elements. It was round when viewed generally, but in reality it had twenty-four sides, and was surrounded by pillars placed at each angle formed by the junction of the walls.

The ceiling was slightly dome-shaped, although at first sight it had the appearance of being flat. Upon the very centre of this dome was the disc of the living Sun of Horus-Atanu, and it was depicted as having seven hands reaching out therefrom towards the solar universe. This symbol was to represent the Sun collecting all the vital force from the fountain head of the Cosmos which dwells within the circle of the conscious universe. To return to the interior of this chamber, which was really a huge circular-shaped temple, I shall describe for you, my children, the ornamentation and furniture which comprised the interior.

In the centre of the floor, which was of marble, was a gigantic pattern of the sun's disc with the seven hands reaching out, and in the very centre of this Sun was the head of Ptah El Daoud-El Daou, and they were represented in the form of a Sphinx. Remember, my children, that this was not symbolising Ptah as a deity who was to be worshipped. It only symbolised him as the Father King Initiate, and he held the same position as I have already explained to you in my Book of Truth. The Altar, or Table of Initiation, was placed over against the east wall of this twenty-four sided chamber and was of cedar wood, which was a common product of the highlands of Atlantis.

The symbols upon it were as follows. The front had engraven upon it the symbol of the world called Earth, which was enclosed within a heart. Upon the top of this world was a cup-shaped flower, out of the centre of which watched the all-seeing Eye of the Inner Circle of the Cosmic Mysteries, and from out the very top of this symbol were four great strands or rays of vitality emanating from the Eye, and symbolising the flow of vitality, knowledge and love to the conscious universe. This whole symbol represented the Trinity of the Cosmic force. Upon the altar's top were various chalices and cups for the drinking of the juice of the orange and the breaking of the bread, which were used at the Communions of Remembrance. These vessels and plates need not be described unto you, my children, as they will not be important except for you to know that they were there.

This chamber, being the outward and visible edifice, was used by the Initiates and helpers who had been chosen from amongst the ray-children and Dhuman Adamics by my Father Ptah. All matters of administration and legislation were drawn up in this chamber, and it was also used as a chamber of worship when occasion so required.

I shall not go into an explanation of the three subterranean chambers, as they were almost exactly the same as those used in the Temple in Khemu described in The Book of Truth, the only exception being that the pillars were plain and were not sculptured as were those of the Temple in Khemu. The sacred Temple language was, however, used upon the pillars of the various chambers when it became necessary to the process of Initiation.

My Father Ptah was the chief of this Temple, although he did not wear the mortal garment of flesh as did the various ray-children and Dhuman Adamics in authority under him. Nay, he still retained the divine body of heaven, the skin coat, as did his twin and spouse eternal, and these two did even function together as one perfect whole.

At this point, O my children, I would tell you of my Father's viceroys for Atlantis and also of the ray-children chosen to be the mortal head of that continent. My children, it was I who was chosen by my Father to carry out his commands, and I did wear the mortal body of sin, even as I did at a later day in Khemu, as you have already read in my Book of Truth, the only difference being that my twin eternal Isis was incarnate with me and did bear unto the mortal flesh the child Horus who was the Chief of the Cathedral of the Tablelands of Atlantis. To him were given all matters connected with the choosing and administration of the priesthood. In fact the entire administration of Atlantis was under his direct care and supervision, and he did mix with the evolving population which was at that time peaceful and loving one to another.

My children, at this point I would touch upon the nourishment taken by all who lived in Atlantis. Remember, the act of slaughtering mortal flesh to nourish the human body was a thing unheard of at that period of Earth's evolution. At a later stage of this my book I shall explain how that evil practice came about. The entire population of Atlantis was nourished by the vegetable and fruit life of the continent. Cakes of flour and sweet meal were made, also was the milk of the cow used in various ways, even as is the custom among the nations of Earth at your present time of incarnation. Spiritual nourishment was also inhaled from the scent of the beautiful flowers which abounded in Atlantis, and these flowers all appeared in their natural beauty, and were not inbred in any manner whatsoever. They grew wild and gave off their fragrant perfumes to the air untended by man's hand. All the pasture land was natural and beautiful, and the animal and insect life was kindly and friendly one to another. The act of killing was unknown, also each form of life had its use and its work to accomplish, from the most highly evolved Adamic to the least evolved grub of the soil.

The population lived mostly out of doors, for the climatic conditions were ideal. The rainy periods which were for the nourishing of the soil were always at fixed seasons, and at these times the inhabitants used the protection of their houses, and I would take this opportunity of describing them to you. First of all, the population was divided up into clans, there being twenty-four clans in all. Over each clan was a chief man or king and he was responsible to the special Initiate placed over his clan. Each clan carried out its building operations, and it was entirely separate and did not interfere with its neighbour.

The buildings were all of that same white stone which I have already mentioned. Some of you may ask how it was possible for them to build houses of stone when they had not the instruments. My children, the evolution of Atlantis proceeded for many thousands of years of Earth's time, and at first the population lived in the fields and used houses built of mud and reeds. But when the period of which I now speak was reached they had arrived at a state of evolution when they had at their command all your modern appliances and also many that you of the present civilised world have never yet thought of.