The Hidden Temples

The setting out and construction of the Giza Pyramids as Temples of Initiation following the Flood of Atlantis was described by El Eros (H.C. Randall-Stevens) in The Chronicles of Osiris, which book was published in 1927. Plans showing the underground passages which connect the pyramids to a circular subterranean temple to the rear of the Sphinx were reproduced in A Voice out of Egypt in 1935. The following account of the Initiation at the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx has been taken from Atlantis to the Latter Days (3rd ed. 1966), pp. 55-63:

On the 30th July, 1927, the Voice began:

My children, I shall give you as clearly as possible what took place at the initiation of the Sphinx, and I shall endeavour to explain as accurately as possible the meanings of the various passages and chambers which were encountered.

The neophyte, when he approached the sacred environs of the Sphinx, first became aware of the huge and awe-inspiring monument. He approached it up a long causeway which was open to the vault of heaven, and which proceeded up from the direction of the Nile's bank. He was escorted along this causeway by one of the priests of the Upper Temple, and was given into the charge of another priest when he reached the opposite end of the causeway. Here he was halted and various questions were put to him. He was told that if he wished to receive the true light of the cosmic spirit he must renounce the world, and above all, trample the desires of self in the dust. The dangers of a faint heart and failing courage were also shown quite clearly to him. When the neophyte had answered these questions satisfactorily, he was taken into the temple, which still stands upon the south side of the Sphinx, and a little distance in front of it.

At your present time, it is termed by Egyptologists the Temple of the Sphinx; it was without any inscription and was originally devoid of any ornamentation or statuary. The neophyte was conducted inside this temple and underwent a process of purification by water which was taken from a well which is situated near the eastern face of the building. His head and hands were anointed as was also his heart, which must be clean before the neophyte could be introduced into the presence of Ptah.

When these things had been successfully accomplished, the neophyte was allowed to depart from the Temple of Purification and was handed over to the Priest of the Sphinx who explained to him the external symbolical meaning of the recumbent figure. The body, he was told, signified two things, firstly, the animal life of the world, and secondly, being the body of a lion, it represented strength, for the lion was always used to symbolize strength. Then his attention was drawn to the human head, having the beard, Nemis, and double crown of Osiris. The head, said the priest, represents the dominion of man over the animal life of the world, and secondly, the will that should be exercised by man over the animal lusts of his own flesh; this was the reason, he was told, why the human head was placed upon the animal's body. The beard represented the wisdom required to wield the free-will which was man's birthright from God. The Nemis below the double crown represented the full initiation into the mysteries which was the spiritual prize desired by all who sought initiation.

He was further told that before he could come into the presence of the Father-King Ptah, he must pass the tests necessary to bring him into the presence of Osiris, whose shrine was concealed in the House of Stone, and which he, through his labours, must find. This was symbolized by the double crown of Osiris which was made up of the lily crown of Ptah and the mitre crown of Osiris, which shot out of the centre of the lily crown and symbolized Osiris as the son of Ptah and also his divine representative for Earth. When all these symbols had been explained to him, the neophyte was conducted into the little chapel which existed in the breast of the Sphinx; here he was placed in a sarcophagus to signify that he had buried the desires of the earthly body, and was ready to seek the spirituality of truth, symbolized by two feathers, which were handed to the successful neophyte by the Priest of the Sphinx.

This preliminary initiation having been successfully accomplished, he was dressed in a robe of white, which had woven upon the breast a circle which enclosed the Sacred Ankh of the Cosmos. This symbol was to signify that the neophyte had been accepted for initiation into the mysteries of Osiris, and that he was seeking the mystery of life portrayed by the Ankh, which dwelt within the sacred universe of God, symbolized by the circle. The neophyte was then conducted to the steps which led down to the front of the Sphinx, for the visible entrance into the Halls of Mystery is many feet below the paws of the recumbent figure, and is today buried far below the sand of ages. When he arrived at this entrance, above which spread the wings of the divine Isis, the female counterpart of the Lord Osiris, which supported the disc of the sun of Horakhti, and was guarded by a male and female ibis, the neophyte was given a small lamp which he was told would give him light until such time as he should find his way into the Halls of Light. He was also told that if he failed to find these Halls within a certain time, the lamp would become extinguished, and he would be lost in the Chambers of Darkness which were guarded by Set and his fiends.

The Priest of the Sphinx having told him what he was to expect, opened the door of the Hall for him, bidding him enter and follow Osiris whom he would find enshrined in the House of Stone which was surrounded by a lake of crystal water, upon which floated the flowers of the lotus. The neophyte then entered and the door was closed behind him. Upon the closing of that door, he seemed to become mysteriously alert; he would think that he heard music accompanied by the voices of many priests, he would even try to follow the sound only to be confronted with a stone wall which would bring back the realization of his helplessness. Many phantoms and visions would crowd his brain and remembering the words of the priest he would cast an anxious eye at the lamp, thinking in his imagination that the light was already failing him; at length worn out and weary with fruitless searching, he would sink down, and sleep would claim his exhausted body. Then and only then would his real experiences commence.

Suddenly, he would seem to be wide awake, and yet it seemed to him as if he were watching his own body, for there it lay on the stone floor of the hall in which the priest had left him. Then he would look around and see a figure clad all in white advancing towards him. At first he would shrink away, but the figure would hold out to him the Symbol of Life, and also the Feathers of Truth. Then looking again at the prostrate body, still lying upon the stone floor, the neophyte would follow the beckoning figure of the priest, who would halt before the same stone wall which he, the neophyte, had been unable to understand. It seemed that he pressed lightly upon its surface causing it to revolve upon some hidden axis. The figure then beckoned him to follow, which he did, finding himself in a circular structure which was flooded with an unseen radiance.

Having entered this circular chamber, the priestly figure again beckoned the neophyte to follow him to the Altar of Purification. The priest then gave him the juice of the pomegranate to drink, and a wafer to eat, which symbolized the duality of Osiris-Isis. He was now told that he was within the first Sanctuary of Initiation through which aspirants had to pass before proceeding into the Halls of Mystery. He was then seated in the Great Chair of the Temple and was robed in the vestments of Osiris and was crowned with the double crown. This having been done, other priests came and bathed his feet and hands with sweet smelling spices. The symbols of Power, Truth and Life were then given to him and his life was from henceforward dedicated to Osiris.

When the neophyte had been thus invested, the robes and crown were taken from him, and he was again clad in the original white robe which had been given to him in the Temple of the Sphinx. The priests then led him to a hidden door which opened with a secret lever, and bade the neophyte proceed upon his journey, and closing the door as swiftly as it had been opened, left him alone. The neophyte now became aware of the fact that he had passed the first test, and had issued from the Halls of Matter and Darkness into the Halls of Light and Understanding, for here he was without any material light, and yet he was able to see more clearly than he had ever done before! Having made these observations, the new son of Osiris proceeded along the mysteriously lit passage until he came to a small chamber, at which entrance stood a priest similarly clad to that one who had conducted the ritual in the circular temple, when he had been invested with the robes and crown of Osiris.

Then was the neophyte led by the priest into the small chamber to which he had come, the door was silently and mysteriously opened and the priest and the new son of Osiris entered. The door again closed and it appeared to the neophyte as if this act of closing the door was accomplished as the outcome of some force directed upon it by the priest himself. The seeker after the mysteries now proceeded to cast questioning glances around him, and he would perceive a small circular table of alabaster standing upon four legs; on this table stood an alabaster basin, at the side of which was a jug made of a like substance.

Having allowed the neophyte to observe all these details, the priest would beckon him and would explain that he was now in the Temple of the Lotus, and he would point to the pillars which were in the form of lotus buds; he would also point to the jug which was in the shape of a large opening lotus, whereas the basin represented a fully open lotus, and this was to symbolize that the Sacred Water of Knowledge must be poured out of the vessel of the opening lotus, which symbolized dawning knowledge, into the vessel of the fully open lotus, which symbolized the open door to complete knowledge. The Sacred Water represented the Cosmos, for the neophyte was invited to gaze upon its crystal surface after it had been poured into the vessel of the open lotus. If he could understand and translate the pictures which he saw mirrored upon its surface, it meant that the door to the mysteries was permanently open to him, and that he could pass through its portals to further knowledge. If, however, its surface remained clear and unresponsive then the Water was again transferred back to the vessel of the opening lotus, and the neophyte was told that he must further seek to overcome the hindrances of the mortal Earth to which he had been born.

This was very seldom the case, as the neophyte would surely fail long before he had come to the sacred Temple of the Lotus.

Having passed through this test, the initiation in the Halls of Ordeal started. The door of the Lotus Temple was opened by the priest and the neophyte was bidden to proceed on his quest for further knowledge. The door then closed behind him, and he was forced to proceed along the passage in which he now found himself. His actual destination, although he was not yet aware of it, was the first Chamber of Ordeal, which is situated below the base of the third Pyramid. When he had proceeded some distance he encountered a priest, who welcomed him into the antechamber which stood between them and the first Chamber of Ordeal. In this antechamber a ritual of ordeal was performed and the protection of Osiris and the Ptah was invoked so that the neophyte could overcome the powers of Satanaku, against which he now had to fight. These things having been performed, the Priest of Ordeal opened the door of the antechamber and allowed him to enter the chamber; he was left completely alone, or so it seemed, but he would suddenly become aware of other presences with him. Then thoughts and ideas would batter themselves against his brain so that if he allowed his mind to dominate him he would be entirely overcome by that which was imposing its will upon his; he would be made to doubt the sanity of his own brain and would have it suggested that if he cared to follow the promptings which he heard, he would again be afforded access to the light of day which he would not see again if he rejected the help offered.

Until you have suffered the Ordeal by Suggestion, you can have no conception how it can upset and undermine the spiritual mind, for its object is to attack the fundamentals of the spirit mind and point out the logic of the mortal physical brain.

When the neophyte had come successfully through this test, having been kept a period of seven hours, the priest again came to him, and questioned him as to those things which had befallen him during his (the priest's) absence. The answers of the neophyte were sufficient to show the priest whether or not the test had been passed, and the candidate had overcome the forces and emotions which had pitted themselves against him.

Then a curious thing would happen, a kaleidoscope of colours would envelope him and he would seem to be falling through space, and with a sudden rushing sound the neophyte would again come to consciousness. He would not find himself with the priest in the Hall of Ordeal, but he would find himself lying upon the stone floor of the chamber in which he had been left by the Priest of the Sphinx after the ceremony of the burying of the body had been accomplished.

Gradually realization would claim him again and he would become conscious of the fact that he had been asleep and, in fact, "dreaming". When at length the effect of his somnolent experiences had left him, he would see the Priest of the Sphinx standing in the entrance of the chamber. The priest would bring him food and drink and would bid him to follow him again into the temple of the burying of the body. When inside this temple the priest would question the neophyte as to what had befallen him. Still bewildered he would hesitantly admit that sleep had claimed him after what seemed many hours of fruitless searching. The priest would reply: "Well, at least tell me of those things you saw and heard in sleep, for perchance they may be of assistance to us in solving the mystery of your sleep."

Then the neophyte would tell the priest all that he had dreamed, and how he had entered a large round temple where he had been invested with the very robes of Osiris himself, and how, when these had been removed, he had found himself in a strange passage, lit with an unseen radiance, and further, how he had gazed upon the Sacred Water in the Temple of the Lotus, and finally, the Hall of Ordeal, and at this point his memory, he would say, had become confused, and he had seemed to be in the midst of many coloured lights which had enveloped him, until finally he had wakened from his sleep to hear a rushing of wind and had found himself still in the hall where he (the priest) had left him. Then when the neophyte had related all his experiences, the priest would explain to him that he had passed the first stage of the initiation, and that he had visited, in spirit, the halls of the hidden house of whom Osiris was the Master. He would explain how he had been thrown into a trance state, that the spirit might be freed from the mortal body, and then would the neophyte remember the commencement of his dream when he had seemed to be standing and looking at his own prostrate body lying on the floor of the Chamber of Transmigration.

Then the priest would bid the neophyte to follow him into the Temple of Purification which is today called the Temple of the Sphinx, he would again be cleansed by the Sacred Water which came from the well which was situated near the eastern face of the Temple, and also, fresh raiment would be given him to wear, also a girdle which would have a golden key and a golden Ankh attached to it. The key was to signify that the neophyte had been entrusted with the secret with which the mysteries of life could be unlocked, symbolized by the golden Ankh, and he was also entitled to add to his own mortal name that of Asur-n-Ankh, which meant the life of Asur or Osiris.

When these things had taken place, the neophyte was led through a door which opened in the western face of the Temple, and he proceeded up a long causeway which eventually led him to a temple situated against the eastern face of the third Pyramid. He would be given various temple duties to perform, and would carry out any charges which might be given to him by the Chief Priest or Master of the Temple. He would remain here for a period of about one year, and during this time he would meditate upon the experiences which he had come through during his first stage of initiation. When his period of meditation had come to an end, he would again be sent to the Temple of Purification where he would encounter the same priest who had officiated at his initiation in the past.

The neophyte, who was now a son of Osiris according to the first degree, was sworn to secrecy, and must not tell even his father and mother those things which had taken place during his initiation. When he had taken the Sacred Oaths, he was allowed to depart from the sacred environs of the Sphinx, and must again take up his life as an ordinary citizen. From this moment onwards, however, he is secretly watched by the mysterious brotherhood who guard the secrets of initiation so jealously. All his works and deeds are recorded and it often happens that he will, unknowingly, meet those whose charge it is to watch him, so that in this manner it is easy for them to become quite familiar with the new son's daily life as a citizen. Then after a period of time, which varied according to the "will" of the High Priest of the Sphinx, the neophyte would receive a message which would bid him again hasten to the Temple of Purification. On arriving at the temple's entrance, he would be met by a priest in white, who would extend his hand to the neophyte, palm upwards, as if expecting something to be placed in it. Then the neophyte would place in his hand the secret pass seal which had been left with him by the messenger when he had visited him bidding him again proceed to the Temple of Purification. The seal having been given up, the door of the temple would be opened and the neophyte would enter to be greeted by the same priest who had always received him in the past. He would now start upon his second degree of initiation which would be about the same period of time as the first degree through which he had already passed. The stages through which the neophyte now had to pass differed entirely from the first degree in that they were initiations in the operation of the divine mysteries, whereas the first stage was entirely to bring out the true character of the neophyte, and for this reason he was seemingly beset by all manner of trials during the period of passing through the first degree. These things would be explained to the neophyte by the Priest of the Sphinx, and he would also be told what was to be his next step.

The second degree always began with that most important branch of the tree of mysteries known as concentration, and this included all matters which come within the full meaning of the word Mind. The control of the mind in all its aspects was the task now set the young aspirant. This is a matter which cannot be explained, and its meaning can oniy be conveyed to those who are able to unlock the latent powers of mind which lie dormant within each individual. To have proper control of the mind, all its aspects must be clearly understood. This branch of the divine tree, when mastered, constituted the second degree of initiation.
I shall not go into any further explanation of the remaining stages of initiation, let it suffice if I say that the ritual of initiation into the divine laws of the Cosmos has always taken a form appropriate to its age. At your present time of incarnation, you are all placed before the open door of initiation, some of you enter willingly and recognize in the various trials and worries that seem to surround you constantly, the ever-present degrees of initiation.

To those among you who recognize them, the trials are not so hard as they are to those who fight against them and blame God and mankind for their misfortunes. The great difference materially is that now there are no secret Houses of Initiation actually maintained where neophytes can pass their various stages under the auspices of a Ritual Priest, whereas in the ancient days of Sardegon and Khemu, Houses of Initiation were maintained, and all those who were to have a part in the material ruling of the land had to show themselves worthy before they could fill the office of kingship, by passing through the required stages of initiation. In this way the foundations of the ancient empires were kept firmly rooted, and it was not until usurpers sat upon the thrones of the world that the Book of Knowledge was closed and the divine secrets were lost. That Book has now been closed for many ages of Earth's time, and it is destined to be again reopened in the great Day of Aquarius, which has just dawned.

Today, those who rule the nations of the world, do so because they are self-appointed usurpers and are born jnto the flesh through a line of usurpers. The fault is not firstly theirs as they now stand, but it is because they have refused divine knowledge in the past and during past incarnations, that they are without divine truth wherewith to heal the wounds which they themselves have inflicted upon the Earth from generation to generation.

The Pyramids and the great Sphinx of Ptah are the dumb symbols of that glorious past which must again be revealed, and with its unfolding shall come prosperity and truth to the weary Earth. Behold, the great Initiate Symbol is ready and waiting to give up its sacred charges, and the day is not far distant when it shall open wide its breast and shall surrender those things which it has guarded for so many ages of Earth's time. The monarchs of the past have looked upon it and have wondered, even as the monarchs of the present wonder.

The Pyramids have been desecrated from time to time and have been broken into by material force, yet they hold their treasured secrets and will continue to hold them until the great father Ptah shall command them to open, and in that moment shall no material force be required, for the great secrets of the universe will be rendered up, and they shall be understandable only to those who have the divine secrets latent within them. For I say that, when once known, these sacred symbols can never be erased from the memory, but must leave an indelible mark upon the divine soul. Those who shall again reveal the divine wisdom are being reawakened throughout the world, and to them the pathway is widening so that their vision shall not be obstructed in any manner.

The day is at hand, therefore, I, O-si-ra-es, say unto you: "Hear ye them when they speak unto you words of wisdom, for if you do not, then will many of you be lost in the days to come. For a season the sons of Ptah El Daoud shall tarry with you, but if ye hear them not, then shall they be caught up from your sight and you shall be left alone and wandering, even as the babe who has wandered into the forest and become lost, and behold, if it find not food and drink it shall perish. So shall it be with the children of Earth, if they take not the hand that stretches out to lead them home to the divine knowledge."