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I AM that I am, I move upon the face of the waters, upon the Earth and within the heavens of the great cosmic universe. My throne is the heart of the sun through which I manifest My power and give life and light unto My creations. I am the beginning and the end. I live in the hearts of all men and can be plucked as a ripe fruit to give knowledge and understanding to the children of My breath. I am in the wind and the rain, in the fire and the frost and all nature is My house wherein I dwell. Come forth ye reapers and gather in the harvest of My knowledge that the sickness of men may be healed and they may turn again towards My loving embrace.

"By their fruits shall ye know them"

The original Order of the Knights Templars of Aquarius was founded by H.C. Randall-Stevens in March 1954 with the aim of combatting the descent of humanity into materialism owing to the loss of spiritual values throughout the world. It recognised the power of thought for both personal and world healing, and sought to guide mankind along the pathway towards spiritual enlightenment and eventual at-one-ment with the Cosmic Creator.  

The creed of the Aquarian Knights Templars is contained in a collection of writings known as the Osirian Scripts, which were received by Hugh Randall-Stevens through clairaudient dictation from several discarnate Master Teachers. In addition to teachings of an inspired and uplifting nature, these scripts include much interesting historical information, and elements of prophesy and revelation. Few of the predictions have as yet come to fruition, but no dates were given and we should not fall into the trap of expecting all to be revealed in our own lifetimes.

Even so, the extremes in the weather which have been experienced around the world in recent years may be taken as a warning that all is not well, and that the changes that have been predicted to take place in these "latter days" will soon be upon us. The climatic disruption is said to be the consequence of the negative thought patterns that emanate from the people of Earth owing to the rapid decline in moral values, and the degenerate behaviour which has now spread to every corner of the planet. These negative energies impinge upon matter with a destructive force that conflicts with Nature's quest for harmony.

Political upheavals around the world continue to dominate the news headlines and show no sign of abating. It is by no means certain that a global conflict extending to nuclear warfare can be averted, and indeed the current outlook seems worse than it was forty or fifty years ago when the Osirian brotherhood warned of the dangers through the books and newsletters of the Knights Templars of Aquarius.

With the advent of the Internet it is no longer necessary for the books containing the Osirian Scripts to be kept in print or for a mailing list for those wishing to be informed of our work to be maintained. By making the writings of the Osirian group freely available through this website, we believe that we have followed the guidance of our teachers and are fulfilling our duty to serve humanity by bringing more light to the darker recesses of this troubled planet.