After the Flood - The Pyramids and Sphinx

Many people today dismiss the lost continent of Atlantis as mere fable - and indeed the science of plate tectonics strongly argues against the existence of a large sunken continent beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The frequent references to Atlantis in the Osirian Scripts are therefore often interpreted as an allegory, or as a cipher for a period in history which humanity is at present unable to comprehend.

The following text, which was first published in A Voice out of Egypt (1935, pp 86-91), was dictated to H.C. Randall-Stevens by the Master Adolemy. It tells of the building of the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt following the Great Flood, and begins with a vision seen in Atlantis by a man named Horhotep, who is indentified as a descendant of the biblical "Noah".

The vision which Horhotep saw was like unto a vast desert, and through it ran a great river and to the westward of the river were ranges of hills. And of a sudden down close to the water's edge he saw as it were the form of a huge animal which rested upon its belly in the sand. And he looked again and behold he saw that the monster had the head of a man and the body of a lion, and the head was in the form of an initiate of the highest degree. And behold the spirit of Horhotep was troubled, for he said: "This is even the Sacred Sphinx of Sardegon which was upon the Sacred Heights in the Country of the Gods." Then did a voice answer him, saying: "Yea, verily, for I say unto thee that thou shalt surely arrive at the place that thou hast seen in thy vision and the name of the land shall be called Khemu. Behold, I have chosen it as the land of divine revelation, for out of its bowels shall I cause the Earth to be healed at a day which is yet far distant, when men shall have forgotten God and forsaken His laws. When thou shalt come to the land that I have shown thee thou shalt quarry such an image out of the living rock which is to the west of the river, and it shall serve as the sacred entrance to my Houses of Initiation which shall be set up by thee and thy descendants, even as I shall instruct thee when thou hast cultivated the land and made of it an habitation to dwell therein. And behold thy generations shall spread throughout the land of Khemu and they shall become a great nation and shall rule the nations of the Earth. And thou shalt form a Centre of Initiation for the divine mysteries which shall be situated near the river's mouth, and behold it shall be a river having many mouths which shall render the land very fertile."

Having spoken thus unto Horhotep in the vision, the voice departed, and when he awoke he remembered all that had been told him.

At length came the day when the boats arrived at the entrance of the great river, and at the command of Horhotep they disembarked and encamped upon the fertile land encompassed by the many mouths of the river.

Then was it that the voice came again unto Horhotep and showed unto him all that he had to accomplish concerning the building of the Centre of Initiation for the divine mysteries. And it was shown unto him as it were a plan, and behold he saw the image of the Sphinx and behind it he saw three great Pyramids, and it was further shown him how the Sphinx was to be the entrance into the Pyramids, and the subterranean passages were shown unto him, as was also the great circular temple which is to the rear of the Sphinx. And the voice spake unto him and said: "Behold, I will plant these my foundation stones in the land of Khemu that they may be a revelation unto the children of Earth, and that they may give proof unto the words which have been spoken by my prophets from time to time; for I say unto thee that in a day which has yet to dawn the secrets which shall be locked in the bosom of the Sphinx shall be revealed." And when the voice had made an end of speaking it departed, and with it the vision also; and when Horhotep awoke he remembered all that had been said unto him and he made great haste and laid down the plans for the construction of the three great Pyramids, and the building of this Centre took one thousand and fifty years from the time of its commencement to the time of its completion.

And as time passed and the Centre of the North was completed, the voice came again and revealed itself unto one Heliomore, the son of one of the Priest-Kings of the Northern Centre of Khemu. And the voice came in a dream and bade Heliomore depart to the southward unto a place which should be shewn unto him, and he was given the plans for the building of the Great Temple of the South, which was the House of Ptah, wherein were hidden the sacred mysteries of the divine initiation.

And the administration of the law and all that was concerning the priesthood was given to the rulers of the Temple of Ptah, which was even a shrine unto the voice of God. And behold the time came when there was war in the land and the forces of black magic did strive against the forces of the White Lily. And the sanctuaries were closed so that the light of the spirit was lacking and the land was rent in twain from the north to the south.

Then came the time when one arose from the settlement of Thinis, and he saw how evil were the ways of the people and he strove to unite them so that the words of the voice might be made manifest which it had spoken unto Horhotep, saying: "Thy generations shall inhabit the land and shall rule the nations of the Earth." And the counsel of Mentos prevailed, for so was his name called. And behold he took the sign of the North and the sign of the South and did unite them that they became one. And within him dwelt the spirit of Horus, who is the son of Osiris-Isis, for know you not that the generations of Ptah are thus? Ptah begat Arbal-Arbel and they had a brother-sister who were Enos-Enoe, and they also had a brother-sister who were Osiris-Isis, and from these last came all the generations of Ptah upon Earth.

And all things were as the voice commanded when it had prophesied unto Horhotep in the past. Thus was it that the united kingdom of Khemu continued and became exceeding prosperous. The kings ruled the populace and led the armies, thus keeping the land free from invasion so that the temples of initiation could carry on their task of schooling intending neophytes in the mysteries of the divine Cosmos.

Then came the time when the land became the possession of certain fallen Adamics who had followed Itheboleth when he had divulged certain secrets unto the people in Sardegon. These Adamics managed to usurp the reins of power and became as tyrants oppressing the people in the most terrible manner. Then was it that the voice spoke again unto the divine representative who was always in possession of the key to the mysteries, and it commanded the Sacred Sanctuaries to be closed so that the secrets of the initiation should not become the property of unworthy persons.

Khufu at last sat upon the throne of Khemu and he looked and beheld the sacred Sphinx and also the Pyramids, and he saw that the three Pyramids were smaller than one another by a certain degree, and he said: "The greatest will I take that it may serve as a sepulchre to receive my body when the time shall come for me to leave the Earth, and the generations which come after me shall see a lasting sign of me who am the lord of this land, and they will say: 'How great was Khufu,' and they shall be reminded of me from generation to generation, even shall the whole Earth know my name." So saying he had the greatest of the three Pyramids of Horhotep prepared, also did two of his successors do likewise, and these two Pyramids bear their names; yet were the true secrets which they contained not known unto them for they saw only that which was revealed to mortal gaze, but knew not the secrets which were so near their hand. Then was it that this evil generation came to an end and with it the opening again of the Centre of Horhotep which he had built when the land of Khemu had first become colonized.

The kings who followed after knew not the true meaning of the Pyramids but thought that they represented tombs of their predecessors; thus was it that they built like structures for themselves until at a later date they quarried the sepulchres of stone in the mountain side to receive their deceased bodies.