The Knights Templars of Aquarius

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The Chronicles of Osiris

Set down in the House of El-Eros-El Erua, they being male-female, born according
to the laws governing the Dhuman-Adamic race, this being their fourth incarnation.

The Lamentation of Horus over the Destruction of Atlantis

O Chekon, thou golden city of Atlantis, thy towers are overthrown, and thine altars are buried beneath the waves of the mighty ocean. Thy sanctuaries became an habitation for jackals and vipers, and thy highways became streets of iniquity. Behold the word of Ptah was spoken and the Earth opened wide its mouth and swallowed those evil ones, that not one remained. Alas ! ye golden domes and glistening columns weep for the destruction that has come upon you.

Weep for all eternity, for in thine awful desolation thy shalt rise up again from thy watery grave.

Behold, thy voice shall be like unto the voice of the harlot crying aloud and saying: . . . . Behold, out of my whoredom hath come destruction. Take heed ye nations of Earth lest ye fall into greater tribulation. The fair city of Chekon the first city of Atlantis is overthrown. The habitation of Ptah is no more.

Inspirationally dictated to H.C. Randall-Stevens and reproduced
from the 2nd edition as published by Messrs Rider & Co in 1927.

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